About Us

Our Company. was founded in 1992 with a vision of helping people achieve their goals of Home Ownership through, SERVICE, KNOWLEDGE, AND PROFESSIONALISM.


Keeping people first, their needs, objectives goals and desires. Knowing that if we as agents don't have empathy and concerns for those we serve then our designation as Realtor® means nothing.


Keeping ourselves educated not only in what is available on the market but also the changing trends of the market place through technology, media and areas.


Serving people with an eagerness, knowing how to market a home, bring it to escrow, and then to closing. Knowing that the manner in which we conduct ourselves portrays our business, persona and faith.

Professional Real Estate Offices Inc. in February of 2008, joined forces with Avalar, the fastest growing franchise in the U S A. becoming , Avalar Pro Realty. Since that time Avalar Has aquired Better Homes Realty, increasing the size and quality of service throughout the US. Avalar, being the only Real Estate Company in the USA with a patent has enhanced Better Homes Realty with the use of the patent. Better Homes Realty through their technological savvy is helping their agents, as well as companies, stay one step ahead of their competition in education, service, and marketing. Better Homes Realty's goal is not just one of acceptance, but one of requiring the best so that we, as agents, and company can deliver to you the best service. After all, "We Sell Houses But You Buy Homes".